Many things in queue

My publishing has been at a low, but my thoughts and writing have spurred many different, unfinished paths. I hope that by putting this out there that I will feel the need to finish the writing soon. Here are some post titles that I am hoping to publish soon.

  1. My Marriage Roller Coaster : Still Riding
  2. Two Handed Solo Finish : Pew Pew!
  3. Nude Spa Experience – Cocks Out + Braless Women
  4. Surge Affection and Attention : The Effects of a Friends Divorce

That’s about it for now. If you have any thoughts on what I should publish first, let me know. I might need the motivation!

F. Grey

Meanwhile, here is some what I read / looked at this week. They encompass areas that I don’t necessarily share with my friends….although, that might be a good idea:

  1. When Men Want to be Virile – New Yorker (this has spurred many personal / conversational thoughts…good read.)
  2. Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest – NYT
  3. What traits of a fake Dom should newbie subs look out for? – (Hm, I guess I am not a fake Dom. Just a quiet one.)
  4. Discomfort is What is Making you Grow – Chloe Morgane
  5. How to Give A Blowjob – OhJoySexToy Comic, shared this one with my wife. Wish I could share it with some of her lady friends too….to help their men of course!

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