Interrupted by Amazon

We had a moment. The house was empty and the rain was falling loudly. While talking about the week’s grocery list you grabbed my butt and I ran my fingers down your spine. You set down the yellow legal pad and reached down between us. Through my shorts you cupped my low hanging self and […]

Infamous question: How are you doing?

This question always throws me for a loop. I dislike it as a passing question at work or as breaking the ice question with those I don’t know. What really do you want to know? I feel as if it might take me 5 minutes to answer this question honestly.  Normal responses: I’m great and […]

6% Battery Left

Quick note, pulse that I am still here. I am tired, just got home. Long travels to take care of family. Short bursts of joy when seeing friends compared to the grind of fitting the family’s puzzle together. Dry, hot hotel room with a sad air conditioner, many dreams of lovers both real and imagined. I […]

Caring for houseplants and people

I am sure it is much more complicated than this, but in order for a plant and a partner to thrive, both need regular attention. Water, sunshine, and maybe give it a trim, feed it and relocate it to a brighter spots. Sing it songs, look at it daily, and definitely touch it tenderly, maybe even pet it a […]


Some carry purses, Some carry death, Some carry wallets, Some carry meth, Some carry lighters, Some carry fear, Some carry tissues, Some carry beer, Some carry disease, Some carry light, Some carry matches, Some carry fight, Some carry hope, Some carry drive, Some say “fuck it” to carrying things, Those are the ones that are […]

Scars of niceness

Over time lessons are learned, Wounds are cleaned, And scars are visible to the world. Nice people are visibly worn, A skeptical gaze, A cautionary conversation, and a silent observation of things that occur. We don’t plot, we research. We don’t scheme, we plan. We don’t expect kindness, and are shocked by it when it […]