Caring for houseplants and people

I am sure it is much more complicated than this, but in order for a plant and a partner to thrive, both need regular attention. Water, sunshine, and maybe give it a trim, feed it and relocate it to a brighter spots. Sing it songs, look at it daily, and definitely touch it tenderly, maybe even pet it a […]


Some carry purses, Some carry death, Some carry wallets, Some carry meth, Some carry lighters, Some carry fear, Some carry tissues, Some carry beer, Some carry disease, Some carry light, Some carry matches, Some carry fight, Some carry hope, Some carry drive, Some say “fuck it” to carrying things, Those are the ones that are […]

Scars of niceness

Over time lessons are learned, Wounds are cleaned, And scars are visible to the world. Nice people are visibly worn, A skeptical gaze, A cautionary conversation, and a silent observation of things that occur. We don’t plot, we research. We don’t scheme, we plan. We don’t expect kindness, and are shocked by it when it […]

Honey Lips

As we look over the backyard, kids playing in the distance, humid breeze rustling the trees, I spank her tush and wrap my are around her waist. She turns and kisses me, “Mmmm, honey lips.” she says as she looks up at me.  I lean in to kiss her as we continue this mid afternoon […]

Dirty little thoughts

Dirty little thoughts, They sneak in and linger, They blossom and excite, Innocence on my face, Curiosity, adventure, and dominance on my mind. Few know my depth, Even fewer have experienced my focus. Dirty thoughts unfulfilled, Thoughts looking for a muse, a canvas to share.