Night Owl, Night Thoughts

I am one of those night owl that still gets up rather early. Despite the midday slump (and subsequent nap), I love the late evenings as it is a time for me. Everyone is asleep, work email is closed and ignored, phone is in “Do not disturb mode”, and I am constantly stalked by a black cat begging to be pet. It is my freedom, a time to build out ideas in my head, draw things, watch inspiring TED talks, read erotic tales and comic strips, and watch a select few adult artists and genres perform (yes, porn). Rarely do I watch movies or multi episode shows because there always happens to be something I am more curious about. I can walk into the kitchen completely nude and make a bag of popcorn and eat it all myself! I can take a long night shower and play with my cock while thinking about anything I want. The night time belongs to me, but occasionally, I wonder, who else does it belong to and what do they do?



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