Interrupted by Amazon

We had a moment. The house was empty and the rain was falling loudly. While talking about the week’s grocery list you grabbed my butt and I ran my fingers down your spine. You set down the yellow legal pad and reached down between us. Through my shorts you cupped my low hanging self and lifted my parts playfully.

“Mmmm, heavy…” you said quietly as yours hazel eyes looked up at me.

I moaned. My head fell back as I enjoyed this rare attention.

Fingertips kneaded and traced circles around each side as the remainder of me laid limp across your wrist.

With my eyes closed, I could feel your gaze and heat from your breath as we stood chest to breast. I was completely controlled by your attention.

Ding dong!!

Door bell rings and loud knocking follows. A delivery. Amazon Prime most likely. Bliss interrupted by the 2 day delivery of a random cooking item we purchased over the week. Great.

With all activity interrupted, progress was stunted and things slowly started to soften.

“I’ll get the door…you probably shouldn’t” you said with a grin while glancing down at my shorts.

With hands on my hips I wiggled my hips a bit and asked, “You sure?”

Watching the show, you giggled and purred, “Maybe later.”



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