Infamous question: How are you doing?

This question always throws me for a loop. I dislike it as a passing question at work or as breaking the ice question with those I don’t know. What really do you want to know? I feel as if it might take me 5 minutes to answer this question honestly. 

Normal responses:

I’m great and yourself?

I’m fantastic and you?

Some responses that truly reflect how I am doing:

I am extremely horny right now, how about you?

I’m hungry and really not looking forward to the upcoming meeting that doesn’t have an agenda


That being said, today I feel clean, with a distinct focus, and my level of anxiety over the many responsibilities I have is low. Hungry and horny, horngry. A breakfast and vivid imagination  will get me through the day. 

How are you doing?



    1. I like the real responses too, but they happen so rarely. What are we afraid of? People looking cross eyed at us? Getting fired? They asked the question, it’s their issue if they don’t like the answer.

      Regarding your current state, I’m glad you’ve been fed, what did you eat? Horny, well, what is your desire?

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      1. I had ricotta and spinach tortellini. Olive oil as dressing. I buy the fresh pasta. It’s easy to make.

        You read about my desires. Unfortunately, what I want is out of my reach right now.

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      2. Mmm, your dinner sounds fantastic! Thanks, now I am hungry.

        Yes, you are correct, I’ve read about your desires. Beyond your horniness (welcome to the club!), I am glad you’ve got a better focus on you.

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