Not that kind of “Happy Ending” Part 2

Sorry that’s it’s been so long since the first installment of this experience piece. If you failed to catch Part 1 you might want to read that one first to get some back story and context.

I pulled the spa door open and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Maybe a billow of steam, maybe a bunch of nude guys wandering around, maybe the smell of must and sweat. Nothing, there was one dude that looked like he was asleep in one of the hot tubs. Other than sleeping Joe, it was empty. So far, no surprises so I decided to wander a bit, check out the place, and find the showers so I could finally jump in the hot tub.

My exploration was short. Showers to my right, 3 tubs marked out in front of me, hot, warm, and guaranteed micro penis (cold), a dry sauna, wet sauna, and an area with sinks and toiletries. This place was clean, smelled of eucalyptus, and so far, wasn’t a weird sausage party. After my survey of the land, I pivoted towards the showers turned one on.

Crazy shower head got me and damn the water was cold!

I stood away from the shower and let the water warm and quickly realized that I cannot don my nerd glasses in this place. Lots of steam and water make for horrible four-eyed vision. Bumping into another guy nude OR walking into the co-ed place wearing just my specs wasn’t something I wanted to do. I placed my glasses neatly on top of the shower divider when the water was warm enough and stepped in. Pumped some body wash in the palm of my hand and proceeded to wash myself from head to toe.

Clean, wet, and so far, following the rules I think. I dried off a bit, walked back to my locker and deposited my glasses. No need here, nothing to see or at least focus on. I’ll bring them to the co-ed area later. After dropping off my glasses I walked my wet butt back into the spa. I did notice while I made my way back, “I am warm despite being damp. This is great.”

Back in the spa area, I decided to take the empty “warm” spa so I walked around the side of the circular hot tub and stepped down the stairs. I’ve never been nude in a hot tub before, so I took my time letting my man parts sink into the warm water. It felt familiar, like getting into a tub, yet amazing. No fabric holding me down, no awkward board short bubbles, and there was something forbidden feeling about walking around nude. The was freedom while my parts floated amongst the bubbles. I sat there for a minute taking it all in. I am warm, I am naked (not skinny dipping in a cold pool), and I am relaxed. Taking cue from sleeping Joe in the “hot” tub next to me, I rolled up my already damp towel and made it into a pillow. Put it behind my head, spread my legs wide in front of me, and closed my eyes.

I sat there in my darkness, drifted in and our of meditation, and listened to the sounds around me. Bubbles popping in the tub, water splashing, and air moving from the vents behind. I noticed a door open only because of the vacuum noise it made when it swung open. I lazily opened my eyes and watched a tall white guy walk over to the showers. I figured he was on his way out, showering before he left. So, me being lazy and uninterested, I closed my eyes again.

Sitting there among but rushing water, my mind wandered through work and life. I thought about what I should eat and what I wanted to eat. It is my day! I wasn’t hungry yet, but I could go for something to drink in an hour or so. I have no idea what time it is unless I can count the bubbles as a second hand. Who cares, when I am thirsty I will leave the spa area. I continued to let my mind go and day dreamed a few more erotic thoughts of past lovers. Both real and imagined experiences of pleasure and excitement felt good to let myself think through. I figured this is part of my pampering. I felt safe in my thoughts since my obvious arousal was hidden under the rippled and bubbly water.

At some point while I was vividly directing a hot scene with a past college female acquaintance, the dude in the shower made some loud noise. “Cut scene!” My eyes opened to see what was going on. I didn’t move much and could see that far without my glasses and realized he must have dropped his glasses while showering. He was picking them up and putting them back on a stool near the shower when I finally opened my eyes. Covered in soap, he continued to wash.

Now, let me set this scene a bit more for you. These showers don’t have doors and are open to the room. This means that there is no privacy if you want it unless you take one of the showers in the back corner. This guy was showering right in the middle and for the few seconds of my gaze, he faced the room and concentrated his cleaning on his long penis. Cool! A clean cock is a happy cock, I am there with you! But, unlike a scrub-a-dub one might do on your knee or armpit, he was a bit more deliberate. Not jacking off, just long masseuse-like strokes down his long and flaccid penis.

I didn’t do the “I’m caught” rapid look away and am unsure (and don’t care) if he caught me looking. Who am I to judge his pleasure, I am sitting here with an erection. I eventually closed my eyes again and drifted back into the warm spa. Figuring I’ve been in this warm one for a while, I decided to give myself a few more minutes in the warm spa before transferring to the hot spa.

As I sat there taking it in, there was splashing in front of me. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Long Cock with glasses on step in. I smiled at him and he grinned back. I don’t know nude dude spa etiquette, but I figured this was the most/least amount of other-man acknowledgement one should give. I drifted off for a few more minutes to allow my previously directed excitement tame down before dripping my way over to the hot tub. I am sure walking around with an erection is against the rules (Rule #14 : Erections are strictly prohibited!) and I figured that I shouldn’t test my limits or attract unwanted attention.

With my excitement down, I slowly get up, grab my towel-pillow and start wandering over to the hot spa with sleeping Joe.


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