Not that kind of “Happy Ending” Part 1

Recently, I decided to do something that is decently rare for me to do. I took a day off and didn’t dedicate it to catching up on yard maintenance or working on side projects. I finally decided to indulge myself and visit one of those day spas. I’ve been considering going for years and to my wife’s excitement, I took a day off for me. Mind you, it wasn’t one of those ordinary Western spa with mud baths and cucumbers over your eyes. It was more of a 24 hour Turkish bath, or in my case, a Korean Jjimjilbang. It was a gender segregated bathhouse with women’s/men’s only sides with spa treatments, saunas, spas, and showers. In your respective gender’s side, you are free and encouraged to be nude. There is also a unisex common area (clothed) with multiple heated rooms (salt room, jade room, etc.) and a Korean cafeteria.

Before arriving I basically knew what I was getting myself into. I checked out the website, figured I would be there for 5-6 hours, decided on a “shampoo” package, picked out my Korean meal, and heard a few stories about the place from my lady friends that have been. Nope, no stories from my married guy friends. Masculinity issues, fear of seeing another guy’s penis, who knows, just not something talked about in my circle…until now. I’m that guy.

So, with the day off, a Thursday, I decided to lighten my typical morning routine. I took an early morning shower and ate a simple bowl of oatmeal before getting the kids up, fed, and ready for school. The big difference in routine was that I didn’t oil up post shower or put on any face lotion after shaving. Actually, I didn’t shave at all. After kissing the wife and dropping the kids off at school, I drove up to the Korean spa mid morning and got there around 10am.

My expectations were the following:

  • I’ll get some reading done (brought some books + a Kindle)
  • I’ll eat some yummy Korean food
  • I’ll smile at other happy people
  • I’ll see other naked fellas; cocks, buns, nipples, ears, all the things.
  • I’ll see women in the common area

My fears were the following:

  • I’ll let my mind race / day dream and get an erection while in the men’s spa
  • I’ll not follow common procedures and get yelled at…in Korean

When I finally arrived, the parking lot was sparsely populated. I could easily park in the front and from what I’ve read, Thursday days are light and people still there at 10am probably got there early morning. People were leaving when I was arriving.

I was greeted at the door, paid my $25 dues, got my bungee cord wristband + locker key, and a size medium orange spa/jail outfit. Stuffed what I could into my shoulder bag and took the door to the right, “Men’s Locker Room”. It was empty so I looked around to get a lay of the land. “Lockers over there, sink here, mouth wash, televisions and lounge chairs, naked nude grabbing a towel, towel trash can…okay” I’ve got this! I proceeded to my locker, stripped nude, folded and packed all my stuff away, locked up, and started my  adventure.

Me, nude, cock’s out, buns showing, bungee cord thingy on my wrist. Dressed for relaxation! I felt great. The locker room was warm, I wasn’t being rushed to do anything, it was my time.

As I walked towards the door to what I thought was the sauna area, I read several signs stating, “Take a shower before entering the sauna.” Well shit, where are the showers, I didn’t see those during my previous scan of the place. I looked around, still nothing. Well I saw one thing, an older gentleman that works at the bath was sitting in the far corner starring too closely at his phone. I’ll ask him where the showers are.

I am normally a fast and somewhat determined walker, trying to get from A to B as efficiently as possible. Because of this, I’ve got a spring to my step. I realized somewhere during stride 5 towards the guy in the corner of the room that the spring in my step resulted in some startling crotch-parts dancing. Rather than reach down and hold my man parts like a thug, I decided to relax, refrain from grabbing things, walk slowly, and not scare the man as I approached.

“Excuse me, where are the showers?”

Yes, I am casually talking to man nude. Where do I put my hands? I weirdly felt like Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights. I think this was a first for me. I am certainly not a prude, I like/love being nude, and will sneak in a nude dip in the pool, nude run, nude lounge when I can, but until this point in life, it was personal, not shared. Well, shared when passing my wife in the bathroom after morning showers or during that post-sex dripping zombie walk to the bathroom, but nothing like this.

He mumbled something and pointed over to the door where I came from.

“Oh, thank you!” I replied as I turned slowly and made my way back to the steamed glass door. I grabbed a towel, took a breath, and pushed the door to entered the men’s spa area.

Fuck, the door says, “Pull”. Trying that one again…I pull the door to enter the men’s spa.

— More to come.

As always, I apologize for any spelling errors of grammatical errors. Contact me if you see any and I’ll edit. Thanks in advance.

F. Grey



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