Sunday Afternoon – 20 minutes for me

Sitting outside, shirtless, no shoes/socks, enjoying the weather. Laptop out, 1 kid is asleep, and the wife out shopping with the other kiddo. Relaxing, my time. Muddy work gloves are next to me from turning over the garden for a good portion of the morning + afternoon. Planted some boxwoods, weeded about 25×10 feet of bed, planted some monkey grass as a border, found some wild onions (need to look up if they are edible), and moved some wide red berry bush (again, need to look it up.) Beer in a stein to my side, getting warmer. It is a sour beer, not to my liking, but a beer none-the-less. I welcome the buzz since I’ve eaten little for lunch and am thirsty. I am tired, yet content, dirty mentally and physically. There is mud smeared on my arm and I am sure I smell like a well worked man.

While sitting here I am doing the things I cannot seem to get done when people are around. Watching random videos while adding things to my Amazon queue of things  that I need / want. Buying a book, a special kind of deodorant, replacement LED lights, etc. While not on Amazon I switch screens to watch a couple videos, one video on Swift programming (I am making an iPhone app eventually) and another by the incredible website, Lucie Makes Porn (found LMC from Oh Joy Sex Toy, a great blog) . Less love making, more camera angles focused on people with real skin, real sounds, and real body types. There are random bugs crawling on my arms, a bright green one, and one of those inch worms. I just site here and stare at if for a while, inching its way up my leg.

Kiddo came down stairs and announced, “I sleeped well!” I high five him and move my mind off of me any onto kiddo + the world around them. Off to be a dad, enough of this relaxing.


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