Never there

I need to feel your touch,
I need your understanding, I need your love,
So much,

You tell me that you love me so,
You tell me that you care,
But when I need you, (BABY)
Baby, (You’re never there).

Never There, by Cake

This song plays on repeat in my head all… day… long. The long distance we have has nothing to do with mileage. Our distance has to do with something we have yet to uncover or understand. Despite our continued work on us, I often feel lost and alone. Without this connection I sometimes feel like a single father, a house keeper, a handyman, a personal chef, a sugar daddy, an untouchable piece of eye candy, and a virile young man lacking a partner. You’re buried in a magazine at breakfast, deep in some reality show at night, flipping the pages of the latest trashy novel, reading through Facebook on your phone in bed, adding more pins to your Pinterest board, or stressing about the smallest details that are our of our control.

Time is slow, life is short.



      1. Communicating how your feeling is important. But if it’s difficult, perhaps putting effort into igniting romance. Small gestures like a love note or flowers or surprise date night. Something to show her she’s important to you.

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    1. Great suggestion. I’ve shared these thoughts with her both on paper and in conversation. Results are usually similar; tears, anger, etc. BUT, despite the unwanted heated debate that follows the sharing, I think we are getting to know better what we can rely on each other for.

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      1. There’s nothing I want more from my man than the honest expression of his feelings. How can I know what he wants? What he needs from me? The worst thing is to keep it inside.

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