Words and Pictures Review #1

This is a personal experiment that I decided to share, so bear with me. Every once in a while when I have the time, I am going to try and share my days highlights. I’ll share a few news articles, WP Reader blog posts, and some videos. Subject matter will range and yes, there will be some NSFW stuff mixed in. Here are a few things that touched my day with a some personal commentary below the list. Who knows if this will stick.

If you got something out of this, please let me know. The more encouragement I get, the more likely I am going to continue sharing.

Enjoy – F. Grey

Words and Pictures #1 : Thursday February 16, 2017

The list of things worthy to share!

  1. READ “John Oliver Takes on the Trump Era Interview” in Rolling Stone
  2. READ “Your software just isn’t mission critical” by DHH
  3. WATCH TedTalkx SF : How to stop screwing yourself over with Mel Robbins (courtesy of the amazing Chloe Morgane / Camille Crimson)
  4. READ “Why is Snap calling itself a camera company “- Om Malik, The New Yorker
  5. WATCH Saffron Bacchus Real couple XXX

1. READ Rolling Stone : John Oliver vs Trump Era

It is always intriguing to hear more about the person behind a big show. This interview covers John Oliver’s real life thoughts, struggles, and perspective his work.

My favorite part. When talking about his new born son (at the time):

And I guess I was lucky in that I haven’t had to explain to him what this election was. I skipped all that because he’s less a human being now than he is a high-maintenance houseplant.

2. READ Your software just isn’t mission critical by DHH

For those that don’t know DHH, he is a brash and ego-centric at times guy. He’s been very successful with this tactic through the founding of 37 Signals, makers of Basecamp. Long story short, his rant is very close to home when it comes to engineers exclaiming that their work is going to, “change the world”. This is his long way to saying, “STFU”.

3. WATCH TedTalkx SF : How to stop screwing yourself over with Mel Robbins

Now, kudos must be paid to Camille for sharing this one. There are TONS of TedTalks out there and it’s getting harder and harder to sift through the good ones. This happens to be one of the gems as well as pretty straight forward. How did Camille lead me in Mel Robbins’ direction, her recent post : How to Get What you Want in 5 Secondes.

4. READ Why is Snap calling itself a camera company – Om Malik, The New Yorker

Om usually has a good view of the future from his seat in Silicon Valley and Snapchat is still a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe it is my age (late 30s) or the fact that I just don’t want cartoon puppy dog ears over my face. Whatever the case may be, augmented reality (A.R.) is becoming very interesting. The current crossroads of computational power in mobile devices, mass data gathering, and optics gives cameras a whole new life as extended personal assistants. If words fail to describe what you are looking at, let your camera figure it out like how Shazam/SoundHound figures out that song with your microphone.

Pinterest just announced a project called Lens. Here’s the quick and dirty of how A.R. is important:

Lens allows you to perform a visual search—for clothing, furnishings, recipes, and so on—using your smartphone camera.

5. WATCH Saffron Bacchus Real Couple XXX

I am not sure how I stumbled across Saffron, but she is amazingly real life (like Camille/Chloe). No fancy music, camera angles, or backdrops. Long dark hair in pony tails, blue eyes, glasses, intelligent, a sense of humor, beautiful body, and a healthy appreciation for sex. Her husband and partner in crime, Dennis, is also fanstastic. He’s great looking with a real man’s cock and body. Let’s just say that they “pair” well. Enjoy them + buy a membership!

Thanks! If you got anything out of this, let me know! -F. Grey


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