Massage 1

(part 1)

The room is dark,
and smells of jasmine.
Candles flash off mirrors,
bodies rustle about.
I am not alone.
I hear long moans,
and the slapping of skin.
Aroused by the sound,
I grow warm just as a chill runs down my body.
A blanket is brought and tucked around me.
Followed by a hot tub of water at my feet,
stinging hot,
yet the pain is welcome.
I relax into the smells,
the heat,
and the sounds of others slightly in pain.
I hear rustling behind me,
my seat drops back,
and two slick, warm hands run down my neck.
Forearms grazing my ears,
and full breasts grazing my head.
My heart skips,
skin tightens,
blood rushes.
Her hands are small, strong, and nimble.
They kneed down my neck,
and with fingers open wide
they slowly slide down my chest.


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