The kids are up early…

started at 5:14am

Seriously, the kids are up way too early,
and I was up late reading, building, writing.
In the dark I quickly jumped out of bed
and guided them back to their rooms.
Turned around
pulled on some soft pants and a T,
my glasses
and the laptop.
I rush with light feet across our old wooden floors.

Meanwhile, she’s asleep,
straddling a long pillow.
Our guest is still slumbering downstairs,
with p-j’s covering her curves, or not.

Back to the kids, the are arguing over trains,
and how the track is laid.
I referee the exchange of wooden pieces,
Like a broken record I suggest the concept of sharing.
They don’t listen,
they just bicker,
they just grab,
they just whine,
they are not going back to sleep.
Neither am I or my thoughts.

Where’s the coffee?
Oh right, I’m the house barista,
currently on kid call.

Soon, the morning booze that is joe
will flow.
Sun is rising,
birds are singing.


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