You hopped into my life,
somewhat innocent and cute.
Yet mature and understanding of what you wanted,
what you needed.

“Pet me, touch me, scratch behind my ears.
Run your fingers through my soft fur.”
“Be nice” your eyes said, and you gave of yourself.
“Let’s do those things that bunnies do.”

I played, I stalled, I ran, I was scared of something.
Scared of not so innocent
little bunny?
No, I feared wanting more,
More than I could mentally consume.
More than I could understand you wanted.

You could have been my bunny.
You wanted to be my bunny.
I wanted you to be my bunny.
Maybe having such a pet breaks a fourth dimension.

You are still so cute,
So small,
So vivacious and alluring.
You cross my mind often, you are the bunny that I hopped away from.
Here’s me, still standing with the net,


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