Rot and Growth


Rot happens to things that die,
where life is neglected and abandoned by the soul.
Rot brings all those things that we try to avoid,
blood, and guts.
We fail to remind outselves that this death of flesh process bring things we strive to obtain,
birth, and life.
Underneath the fallen trees, seeds are waiting to grow.

Thoughts can be rotten, actions can be too.
So what happens when one is filled with only politically correct thoughts and normal actions?
How can one learn from rot if they have never experience it?
Empathy in life for things you cannot experience is necessary, but what about those experiences you can survive?
Am I afraid of rot to the point of completely pausing action?
Thoughts are hidden, tucked away, and safe.
Actions are public domain, visible for scrutiny, and able to create change.

How do I get over this fear of rot and retain soul?



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